Course Syllabus

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Course Overview

Course Name:  WCTC Canvas Student Orientation

Hours:  .5
Semester: Summer, Fall and Spring
Year:  2019

Offering Format:  face-to-face
General Course Schedule: varies
Course Description:  This orientation course is designed to introduce new WCTC students to the Canvas online learning system that you will use to be successful in your courses at the college. 

Prerequisites: None

Textbook(s):  None

Learning Facilitator (Instructor)

Name:  WCTC Staff

Course Competencies

Once completed with this course, you should be able to:

  • contact WCTC Service Desk for technical assistance when required
  • login to the WCTC portal
  • access, read, compose and reply to your WCTC student email
  • access and browse content course in Canvas

Linked Critical Life Skill(s)

Waukesha County Technical College strives to help students reach their full academic and career potential.  Six critical life skills are purposefully integrated into campus activities and coursework.  These critical life skills are:

  • Citizenship Skills:  Demonstrate local and global awareness, social responsibility, and effective engagement with diverse populations.
  • Communication Skills:  Communicate effectively in personal, Academic, and professional interactions using appropriate modalities.
  • Critical Thinking Skills:  Evaluate pertinent information to reach an informed conclusion in personal, academic, and professional settings.
  • Problem-Solving Skills:  Solve personal, academic, and professional problems using disciplinary concepts and frameworks.
  • Relationship Skills:  Cultivate civil relationships to be effective in personal, academic, and professional life.
  • Self-Management Skills:  Apply methods of continuous personal, academic, and professional improvement.

Technology Expectations

Required Technology

Access to an Internet connected desktop or laptop computer

Required Technology-Related Skills

Ability to operate a computer and use a keyboard and mouse

Technical Support

Students requiring technical assistance may contact the WCTC Service Desk at (262) 691-5555 or via email at  Additional technology support information is available online at


This is an ungraded orientation

Grading Scale

A     95 to 100
A-    93 to 94
B+   91 to 92
B     87 to 90
B-    85 to 86
C+   83 to 84
C     79 to 82
C-    77 to 78
D+   75 to 76
D     72 to 74
D-   70 to 71
F     <70

Assessment Feedback Guidelines

Students should typically receive instructor feedback on assessed activities submitted for grading within ## days/hours of the respective assessment's due date.  Such feedback may be delayed in the case of unique or unforeseen circumstances or when denoted as such within the specific assessed activity.

Course Policies


This is a required orientation

Learning Environment Etiquette

WCTC maintains a Student Code of Conduct that governs student behavior and activities across all WCTC course offerings to foster a positive and welcoming environment for all learners.  Please be sure to review the Student Code of Conduct to be aware of those expectations.  Additional provisions related to course conduct and behaviors are as follows:

Personal Electronic Device Use

Mobile device usage is encouraged

WCTC Student Support Resources and Policies

Waukesha County Technical College has numerous resources available to help you achieve your academic and career goals.  Detailed descriptions of these valuable resources and policies is available online at  Carefully review this information to learn and succeed at WCTC. 


Canvas Course Deadline Dates and Assessed Activities Summary

The information below is generated automatically by the Canvas Learning Management system based upon calendar items built within the course.  This information is supplemental to that already provided above.

Course Summary:

Date Details Due